Game Information


Safety briefings are held before starting any games! So be sure to LISTEN UP!!

Games are approx. 20 min. and includes a variety of games such as Attack and Defend, Fort on Fort, Team Elimination,Capture the Flag

All rules must be adherred to. Anyone refusing to comply will be asked to leave the park immediately.ALL Players must have a 'signed' WAIVER. Players must be 11 or older and all players under 18 must have 'signed' parental consent. Waivers may be faxed or downloaded from our website.

We have outdoor playing fields with forts, so 'we suggest sturdy footwear, old ball cap(to wear backwards to protect the back of your neck)and belt for your camo pants. (we usually have Extra's if needed)

Cold drinks and snacks are available, but feel free to bring your own. We have dining tents and picnic tables for your enjoyment. No Alcohol or drugs permitted.

Be sure to 'CHECK OUT OUR WEEKLY SPECIALS' on Tuesday and Thursday $25

And come and have a blast! Don't forget your camera!